Help identifying Japanese wear (Tengai Makyou's Kabuki Danjirou)

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#1 xiriox on 3 years ago

Hey peeps, I wanted to do a cosplay of my favorite Tengai Mkyo chara, Kabuki Denjirou.

I need some help trying to figure what exactly this beautiful man is wearing, particularly the green and blue outerwear. I was wondering if it was some sort of Yukata or Happi or Men's Kimono but I'm not sure because the short sleeved upper-wear seems connected to the wavy bits on his left and right. I don't remember what the name for the white thing tying back his short sleeves are called. I also have no idea if the red half a skirt is a half a Hakama or something else altogether.



I know I need sashimonos, a black and red shitagi, some sort of arm bracers, kyahan for my legs, and some outrageous okobo.

If anyone can help me figure out the rest or point me to a section or person that can I'd appreciate it! Thank you :D

#2 Blood_Sword on 2 years ago

I'd like to help but the pictures don't show up to me. It's like there's just spaces, no photos. Care to fix that?

#3 division-ten on 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure the red thing is just an open red kimono under a green patterned happi with longer than normal sleeves. It almost looks like a women's haori with those long sleeves!

#4 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

It's a haori, probably a woman's, with thigh-length sleeves. The collar and lower hem have an added black band. The sleeves are tied back with a tasuki, and here's a how-to: [url][/url]

The haori is tied closed with a red heko obi or something sewn directly to the haori. It's worn over a red juban that's tied at the waist--otherwise the overlap at the neck would look different--and the juban is left to hang open below that.