Sadness cosplay

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#1 Galaxithea on 4 years ago

I'm looking for a critique on my cosplay of the source of all human pain and suffering. (This was my first time using body paint)
I am already painfully aware of my inability to pass for female and make sad faces.

#2 ebanks90 on 4 years ago

I think you look awesome!!! What paint did you use? Here is my favorite tutorial on how to apply body paint to your whole body quickly and evenly, and make it last all day. [url][/url]

If you are looking for the perfect shade of blue for Sadness check out FAB Alice blue- [url][/url]

Hope this helps!

#3 filmfreak988 on 4 years ago

That's Sakura Con! :D

It looks good! All I can see is that you didn't get the paint down low enough on the neck.

#4 gypsy_girl on 4 years ago

I like the wig and glasses, I think they are true to the character. I'm not sure if it's just the lighting of the photographs, but it almost looks like your hands and face are slightly different colours. If I were you the other thing I'd try is adjusting the neck of the sweater to fluff it up more, it seems a little limp in the top picture. Hope this helps.