noob to sewing -looking for neku shirt advice

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#1 lukeoftheaura on 2 years ago

I'm new to sewing, and I want to make neku sakuraba's shirt (from the world ends with you)


However, I have no idea how I'd make it. What fabric to use, what patterns to possibly follow etc

any advice would be appreciated.

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

To keep life simple for a newbie, I would do the following:
- two black tee shirts
- some purple jersey* (that's the kind of fabric tee shirts are made from). You can be super lazy and just buy purple tee shirts
- heat fusible webbing. Brand names of this product are Wonder Under and Heat n' Bond. Both can be bought in packages or by the yard.
- Yellow single fold bias tape NOT RIBBON. Heat is being used, some ribbon melts. [url][/url]

You can get all of these things in one stop if you happen to be doing this shopping at Walmart.

You need an iron.

Cut off the sleeves of one tee, cut off the whole top portion from armpit to armpit of the other. Sew or glue the raw edges into a hem on all cut edges. The tube is now your cowl.

Cut your purple into the right size strips.
Use the fusible webbing (follow the instructions that come with it) to adhere your purple fabric and then the bias tape. The bias tape covers raw and possibly ugly cut edges. If you want to make it really stay put and look prettier, sew down the purple and yellow after adhering. Repeat with the cowl. If you want to sew them together, a 2" long section at the back of the neck should do, but it isn't necessary. (I'd do it just so I don't lose anything)

* I don't know if those stripes go up the back as well as the front. If it's front only, one tee shirt will do.