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#1 Alice-kun on 2 years ago

Hello all,

I was thinking of hosting a Disney Gathering on Day 1 this year at around 1:00pm.
Would anyone be interested in going? If so, who will you be going as? :)

#2 derabright on 2 years ago

#3 Alice-kun on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=derabright;5066021]I have a Disney group together for AX but we wouldn’t be able to make it for Day 1 only Day 3. Is it possible for you to host it Day 3?[/QUOTE]

Sure! It'd be more logical to have it a few days into the con, now that I think about it. :thumbsup:

So now the gathering would be on Day 3 from 12:00-1:00pm. :)
Here is the FB link for the event: [url]https://www.facebook.com/events/169823517070443/[/url]

#4 derabright on 2 years ago

#5 Alice-kun on 2 years ago

Hey guys! Alice-kun here with an update for our gathering. (I posted this same update to the facebook page, so ignore it if you already saw it there.)

We are sharing our gathering site with the IDOLiSH7 group. I'm not sure if we will be gathering in the front of the site or farther down the path. Do not panic if you do not see Disney cosplayers at first, just keep walking.

Concerning the photo shoot itself, I have a list of groupings that I think will accommodate everyone's costume. We will start with the larger groups first. For example the "Everyone" photo group will be shot first thing. After doing the larger general groups we will do movie/show specific photos as time allows.

So that's about it! I'll keep you guys posted if there are any updates. Here is a link to a poll, "What Disney Era are you cosplaying from?": [URL="http://www.strawpoll.me/16010394"]Poll [/URL] I couldn't make one that listed every movie/TV Show so I categorized them by era and added some examples.
See you all at the expo!! :)

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