What comic book character should I cosplay as?

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#1 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Hey everyone! Just like the title says, what comic book character should I cosplay as? For reference, I LOVE DC but I'm also into Marvel, here's a list of my fave characters that I'm considering but I'd love to hear other opinions! I'm only willing to cosplay females, I'm average height and average weight, with blue eyes, down for wearing wigs! Not wanting to cosplay anything risque haha. You can see pictures of me in my gallery :)

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Stephanie Brown (batgirl, spoiler??), Magik (Phoenix Five??), Black Canary, Jason Todd (female version?), Riddler (female version)

So yeah, those are characters I like! I'd love to hear other suggestions, or if you think I'd make a good [insert character from above list here] :)


#2 walkerofdarknes on 3 years ago

Well, of your listed characters, Poison Ivy might be considered "risque", depending on which version you used. You could always do a genderbend of Dr. Fate if you wanted to try adding in some armor experience.

#3 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

Poison Ivy and Batgirl are certainly two of my favs. Have your considered Supergirl?

#4 xIkuna on 3 years ago

@walkerofdarkness: yeah but Ivy has like a million and one designs so I can easily find one I like. Also, not a fan of dr. fate! thanks tho!

@gypsygirl: I do love Supergirl, but I never found an outfit of hers that I really like

#5 Indiana Jolly on 3 years ago

Well, I can easily see you pulling off Captain Marvel...and I think you'd make an excellent Sue Storm/Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4. But if you wanted to go a little darker, might I suggest SILK or even 'Spider-Gwen'? Just some other options that I'm sure you'd be perfect for. :bigtu:

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