Cold Enamel flower

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#1 DancingFish on 1 year ago

I want to make Mulan's flower from her matchmaking dress


I wanted to make it look like enamel like traditional Chinese hair pieces and I saw that there is cold enameling which seems like it is just resin but with some sort of pigment that makes it look like enamel. I don't have a torch so I can't do the other way.

Anyways, is it resin with a pigment? If it is, what kind of pigment can I use? If it isn't, is there a place where I can buy the stuff to do cold enameling online? I do have experience with doing resin jewelry but they look more like crystals then enamel.

Thank you!

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

IMO it looks more like a kanzashi ribbon flower (zan in chinese) than enamel.

Here's a nail-polish method for enamel flowers, though

#3 lunaflora on 1 year ago

I would go with a clay. Either oven bake or air dry. Ive used cold porcelain for sculpting roses. It's lightweight, but it is brittle. You' can seal it with a gloss spray or medium. There's even a recipe for cold porcelain if you look online. Just cornstarch, white glue, powdered paint, an acid i think if i remember correctly. The thin wig cold porcelain though, it will crack if it is too thigh. But its perfect for floral work.

#4 DancingFish on 1 year ago

Thank you for the tutorial link. And it's great you think that it looks like that. I already made some kanzashi flowers and gold designs for part of it but I wanted to add the flower in enamel over the gold so it looks something like this.


Thank you for the cold porcelain tip! I will check it out.

#5 nathancarter on 1 year ago

For small projects like this, a kitchen-sized butane torch is easily accessible and (practically) harmless - the kind restaurants use to crisp up a creme brulee.

You'll still want to observe all normal fire safety procedures.