Is Starwars Celebration a good place to buy armor?

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#1 CoachNIN on 2 years ago

Hello, Im new to the world of cosplay, well kind-off. I have been dressing up as a Lion for charity events (walk-run fundraisers, parades, Hospitals etc) and found it to be, well, ADDICTING!!!!! I am a dancing fool, so the kids get a kick out of seeing a 5'9 friendly faced looking lion do the McHammer Dance, LOL.

In any case. Here is the question: Are events such as Star Wars Celebration (Orlando April 2017) good places to buy armor from vendors or other cosplayers? Im not stuck on Trooper armor either, a Darth Maul custom would do just fine also.

I want to take my act to another level, well, another galaxy to be exact. Im looking to purchase a Storm Trooper custom/armor or Darth (or any other bad guy LOL). Ive been looking at Anovos (US based) and RS Props (UK based). I have saved my money and Im ready to purchase some armor/custom. After doing research, I have become very alarmed at the horror stories (very late delivery dates, goods never delivered or damaged etc). Even companies such as Anovos don't escape bad reviews on Facebook etc. Who can I possibly trust? Heck, I almost pulled the trigger on an Iron Man suit, only to find out (by way of youtube reviews) that the person was a scammer. Im seeing shadows around every corner now. Im to the point that i won't let go of my money unless someone can show me the goods and i try on the stuff, then i give them the money. But I know, that won't get me anywhere.


A very confused and discouraged Coach Nin