Will 10 lbs. make a huge difference in how a costume fits?

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#1 AmateurCosbi on 3 years ago

Long story short, I've already ordered a zentai suit for a convention but, I'm planning on losing weight before then. If I reach my goals I should be 10 lbs. smaller than at the time I ordered the suit. Does anybody have a similar experience? I'm afraid I won't be able to alter the suit because it has a symmetrical pattern on part of it.

#2 12WolfZ on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=AmateurCosbi;5052831]If I reach my goals I should be 10 lbs.[/QUOTE]

If my experience is applicable, you'll drop a pants size.

#3 micro-babe on 3 years ago

This is something that heavily depends on your body type and where you lose weight. For example I'm 5"1 and when I lose weight, it tends to be around the stomach by my legs are still pretty big. For my stature, ten pounds would be enough to make quite a difference. But on someone taller? Maybe not.

#4 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

being a zentai suit, id assume for the most part
they are designed as "stretch to fit" (like socks are)

so if thats the case with yours, it should just not have to stretch as much
and be a bit more comfy
(again like a sock, stretch b4 wearing and it feels better than just pulling them on)

(in theory)

#5 Ashton_Anchors on 3 years ago

Probably not. It might be looser, but not likely to the point where you'll swim or it will fall off. It should just fit better, if anything.

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