Camera position on my costume

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#1 Omega Dragon on 2 years ago

So I'm not quite sure where to post this. So general it is.

For years now I've been cosplaying characters that are difficult to use to take a picture. I walk around conventions and see an amazing costume in my eyes and am unable to take a photo of it. So this year I got myself a gopro and will soon get the smart remote. My question is two-fold.
First where should I mount the camera: helmet (top or side), chest (inside the ring), shoulder, or try to mount it on the weapon.

Second, for those who where cameras. Do you pose in such a way to hide the camera or do you not mind that it is in the shot?

[URL=""]Barry the Chopper[/URL]

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Chest will be least noticeable and least obstructive, but the low position may mean losing the tops of peoples heads at close viewing.

#3 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

Check with the convention to make sure that gopros are kosher - after some guys were torn to shreds for taking boob shots of cosplayers using hidden gopros, some cons had a hardline response to it. At the very least, make sure to inform the cosplayer you're using a remote-activated mounted camera to take the photos.

That said...I don't see how you're going to get GOOD photos on a body-mounted camera without it being in front of your face or mounted so that it follows your line of sight. It'll be obtrusive, sure, but your alternative is to take terrible photos where you can't even guarantee that the subject is fully in frame. What's more important?

#4 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

I'm going to assume that the question of "are go-pros allowed" to be yes in my answer:

If I had to mount that camera, I'd consider a couple of options
1. If you're looking out the jaws of the cosplay and not the eyes, then I'd probably mount it between the two teeth, since you can tilt your head back, look down your nose and get the pic framed up

2. If you are looking through the eyes, then you might have enough space to mount it directly behind the nose-hole in the mask (I'd suggest measuring, and MAYBE taking a test-shot or two). It would be very easy to frame up since it's almost directly in your line of sight (minus an inch or two of drop). If you are using the jaws to view, then the nose hole fits right about your forehead, which also works for it to frame, except it would be an inch or so higher than your eyeline

3. If that was the standard go-to pose you use for that cosplay, I might consider a small triangle mount on the right gauntlet. The camera nominally lies flat on its back when not needed, but you can flick it up and hold it out to take the pic (think of a pose like Starscream shooting from Transformers generation 1). The mount in question would the tricky part: Essentially you put the camera on a small axel/hinge that you can flick up or down with your left hand which also has the controller for it.

4. Depending on how big your hands are and the size of your weapons, you could also strap it on the palm of your hand, Iron Man repulsor style.

5. Mounting it on a weapon handle is also a possibility too, depending on their construction. The back edges of the handles seem likely candidates.

6. If you are looking out of the eyes of the costume, you could even mount it over your non-dominant eye. The downside would be you'd have to remember you're essentially wearing an eyepatch and won't be able to see anything on that side, so you'd turn around more. The upside is it exactly matches to your sightline.

For the other question, wearing the camera, that's pretty easy. I use a small DSLR for the majority of my con shots. Bigger than a "pocket camera" though. Anyway, I got some extra large straps to fit it, and have 2 ways to wear it: First, I can put it on over my head and sling the camera like a shoulder holster, usually under my left arm. It's not exactly comfortable, but you get used to having it there. And I can pull it out pretty quickly. The second option is to have the camera bag on my belt like a fanny pack. Which feels awkward to say, but it's the easiest way to describe it. A little slower to pull out, but still quick enough. And I can carry crap in it! The only times I haven't carried my camera at a con was the battery dying, or the cosplay didn't allow it. Like last year's Gundam, but I had a helper just to put it on, they also carried it.

#5 Omega Dragon on 1 year ago

I did check with Otakon, and they do allow gopros, so long as abiding by the camera policy. Thank you for all the great responses. I did try to position in the mouth area, but that is where i'm looking through and to be honest there is not much space to mount the hero 5. I tried in the ring and it is wonky. Most of the time it is ok, I have it on the wide shot setting. Though I have to be pretty close to good a decent shot. It bounces around alot too. I'll keep trying different combinations and your ideas.

Thank you again for your tips.