Never forgot the site, but I'm back baby

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#1 Celeste_Orchid on 11 months ago

Hi hi all!

I joined ages ago. I decided to dust off the computer and turn it on to And look I'm here. I mainly work on my [URL=""]Youtube channel[/URL] and post my cosplays to [URL=""]Instagram[/URL].

some of my latest works are these bad boys:
[url=""]Catwoman Wedding Dress[/url]
[URL=""]Chun Li Battle Outfit[/URL]

#2 FieryFari on 11 months ago

Welcome back! You've cosplayed from a ton of series I love so I look forward to seeing more from you :D And I will be checking out your instagram ;)

#3 Celeste_Orchid on 10 months ago

[COLOR="orchid"]awww thanks! :D

#4 BlooShine on 10 months ago

Welcome back!
There must be something in the air because I've just logged into this account after YEARS of inactivity.