Chaos Fox Coostuming - Commissions Open

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#1 ChaosFoxCostuming on 1 year ago

[CENTER]Hey guys chaos fox here just popping in basically to say that I am open for commissions. I will be doing costumes, wigs and small props/accessories. If your unsure if I can do the item your wanting please just ask me and I will let you know if it's doable within my skill range. Right now the best place to contact me is either through the contacts form on my website or through Facebook.


These are also the best places to see an up to date portfolio of my work and my policys etc.

Upon asking for a quote please make sure to be as detailed as possible sending me reference images and a deadline plus a list of parts you want made so I can get a speedy reply to you. Alright hope to hear from some of you soon! [/CENTER]