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#1 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Alright everyone. I haven't seen a FFX-2 Samurai thread here so here's one now.

This is for [U]ALL[/U] of your Samurai Yuna, Rikku, and Paine needs, questions, and concerns.

Just ask your questions and concerns, share your progresses, your ideas and give out some helpful tips to help each other out with the Samurai dressphere. Here's some helpful tips here:

1. If you can't find that 360 degree angle reference picture, this website is the [U]ABSOLUTE BEST[/U] because it provides literally a 360 degree angle for [U]all[/U] the dresspheres, but for this thread, use it for the Samurai.:bigtu: [URL="http://auronlu.istad.org/squidoo/ffx2-cosplay/dresspheres/"]http://auronlu.istad.org/squidoo/ffx2-cosplay/dresspheres/[/URL] Now, there's no excuse [U]not[/U] to be accurate.

2. If anyone needs professional grade fabric paints to paint on the designs, then I would go here, [URL="http://www.createforless.com/"]http://www.createforless.com/[/URL]. Just type in "Jacquard fabric paints" and you'll get fantastic results. I don't know if that's all the professional grade fabric paints they sell or not, but you can try if you wish to.

Now, here's my personal delima. Okay, I'll be shopping for the materials for my Samurai Yuna cosplay this year. Here's the original reference:


So, my overall plan is this. I'm going to create a 'practice' kimono out of cotton broadcloth first because this will be my very first kimono I've ever created. I will then later on shop for the materials for the real kimono. I'll be addressing the real kimono with either, silk, satin, or sateen. Since I'll be hand painting every little detail on it, the fabric will be white.

Now my question is this. How would I handle bottom portion of the back? It looks like that a light blue is running into the purple. Do hand paint on fabric dye, air brush technique, or just hand paint this the same way? That's the only major part I'm more concerned about. Everything else is just maticulously hand painted because they're individual shapes.

I just want to make sure that don't mess it up the first time go round.

Thanks for the help:bigtu:

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