Steampunk for Japan Expo 2015

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#1 Procrast n' Go on 4 years ago

First off, I am creating some steampunk armor for the upcoming Japan Expo 2015 in Paris France and have had some major mental blockage as to what to wear with the armor. It will only basically be some shoulder pads and one giant mechanically functional arm/hand made from springs, PVC pipe, wire, etc. similar to Mr. Ivan Owens models. I have been using EVA foam for the armor and it has turned out nicely thus far. I will be using Rub n' buff for paint and I also have several steampunk looking decals to add to the completed costume.

The questions is this, should I go and create a full suit of armor and just suck up the shipping cost for a massive costume or should I invest in some Victorian style clothing to go along with what I already envisioned? Give me your input friends! here are some pictures of the armor thus far.

#2 EdenAnarchy on 4 years ago

I honestly think that Victorian era clothing would be a better bet. One main reason is comfort. Head to toe armor isn't your friend after several hours of wearing it. Since you have such great looking armor, I'd go with a more simplified look for the rest of the outfit. And I'd say a deep red satin vest would look great with the colors you're using in the armor. If you need anything else, just message me :)

#3 Procrast n' Go on 4 years ago

Thanks EdenAnarchy! I have been looking at several vests, shirts, jackets, etc. and have a general idea of what I'm going to wear. Thanks again for the input! I will definitely be wearing a vest now. Just need to invest in some good material.