Tribal Mario - Looking for Ideas

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#1 superiormirage on 4 years ago

Greetings everyone. I am a long time lurker here on the Cosplay forums.

I'm hoping to get some ideas for an upcoming Dragoncon cosplay I have planned.

A good friend of mine wants to go as a tribal Peach. Her vision is the tattered pink scraps of Peach's dress making the top, with a skirt that looks like it's been made from a Piranha plant. She'll be carrying spear tipped with one of the points of Peach's crown that a Goomba impaled on in.

So I need a tribal Mario costume to match her, and I am looking for ideas and suggestions.

I could go torn and dirty overalls, but that seems too generic. I thought about making a Piranha kilt of my own (If a woman wears it, it's a skirt. If I guy wears it, it's a kilt. :D ), but I am not sure how good that would look.

Any thoughts on how I can make this costume look good?

#2 superiormirage on 4 years ago

No thoughts?

#3 megers67 on 4 years ago

Idk, personally 'tribal' is pretty vague, but that could be because I am an anthropology student? Though I I am going to wager a guess that you mean more like 'jungle'? Anyway, I don't have any specific ideas, but I can make suggestions as to how to think about it.

1. Going off of your friend's concept, the tattered scraps of the dress indicate that Peach was thrown into the environment and forced to survive rather than having growing up in that environment as a native. In that sense, you might imagone what Mario's clothes might go through after a very long time of high stress.

2. Research some tribes in the kind of environment you are thinking of. It might spark ideas for what you might want to do for your own. Now, I caution you to try to not appropriate their cultural pieces if you do this. It is a very fine line, but if you make an effoet to understand the meaning of a piece rather than go 'ooh pretty' not only will flesh out the backstory, but will keep from accidentally taking advantage of another culture careleasly. An alternative would be to look at post-apocalyptic settings. This would help figure out clothing stressors.

3. Look at the environment itself (in this case a fictionalized version of an environment). What materials are available? In other words, if Mario needs, say to make a new hat as his would be easily lost, what might he use to replace it using available materials?

Not too much direct help, but hope it is something! You do want to make sure that it is still recognizable as Mario though.