Looking for easy Daredevil mask!

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#1 MajinShenron on 4 years ago


VERY easy mask! Looking to either make it or buy it. My only requirement is that I want to be able to see through it without poking eye holes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

#2 Crusader_8 on 4 years ago

get medical whitesleeve from.... somewhere, sew the top off and itll fit on your head as long as you bought the right width whitsleeve.

The only issue with this idea is that you wont have the "I look like I just tied an old rag around my head" look, since it wont have a knot on the back or anything. But it's a start.

#3 redsheep on 4 years ago

You can pretty easily go to the fabric store and hold up every black knit fabric until you find one you can see through. Thinner polyester knits tend to be sheer when held to light. Your vision won't be perfect, but it'll be enough to get around. Cut it into a rectangle (you probably won't even need to hem it) and tie it around your head. Boom.

Or you could just make one out of an opaque fabric, have it pulled up over your eyes when you're walking around and pull it over your face for pictures.

#4 yeps on 3 years ago

I did Devil of Hell's kitchen for philly comic con this past year. I just used a scrap of cloth. I couldn't see perfectly, but it was good enough to walk around.

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