Pending Moderation?

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#1 ckowalski on 4 years ago

I posted my first post earlier today and I'm not sure if it went through and is simply awaiting moderation, or if it for some reason didn't go through. I didn't want to post a duplicate post.

[Edit: I'm guessing since this went through instantly that moderation is not the issue here. I will repost and see if it goes through.]

#2 Jei-Cos on 4 years ago

Depends on the post. If it's a help/advice thread and you posted any links, pictures, or made a nce long post, it will get stuck in the moderation thingy.

#3 ShinobiXikyu on 4 years ago

^And to add to that, that's the case when you're a new member. Once you've hung around and made some more posts, the mods will see you're not a spambot and you're free to post however.

#4 IndyJones1023 on 4 years ago

What's the threshhold? I've been around for months, only 7 posts, though. Still waiting for a thread I started this morning to get approved.

#5 IndyJones1023 on 4 years ago

Man, how long does it take to prove I'm a human?

#6 IndyJones1023 on 4 years ago

Does anyone moderate any of the forums here any more? I started a thread over a week ago and it's not been approved.

#7 Admin on 4 years ago

We go through them a few times each day. I just checked your account and don't see anything pending. You should be past the filter by now though.

#8 IndyJones1023 on 4 years ago

I guess my thread got lost somehow. I'll start a new one.