Roommate thread?

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#1 Dragneel2040 on 3 years ago

I'm wondering why there hasn't been any rides/roommates threads up yet? I've got everything else ready for AUSA" my friends are all booked up and finding a room is the last thing on my checklist.

#2 Mucai on 3 years ago

They used to do this on the AUSA forum. However, they changed the forum software they were using, wiped the database (and so lost all the old posts, threads and user accounts), and never linked to the new forum on their site (so no one knows it exists). *headdesk*

I also need to find a room. Just locked in AUSA after debating it vs Youmacon for the last 3 months. Why did they have to both be the same weekend this year >_

#3 DespairedPheonix on 3 years ago


Let me tell you a few things about the room mates, the rules, etc

I host a straight edge, quiet room. No drugs, no drinking, no sex, please use inside voices after 11pm -- this does not mean you cannot drink etc OUTSIDE the room, just please dont bring any of those things inside the room. If you are going to engage in those activities, please be responsible.

Right now there are 3 of us. 2 guys, 1 girl. One bed is taken, the other one has 1 space left. There is a guy in that bed.

I have 2 floor spaces, so that's 1 bed space and 2 floor. The guy in the bed says that he's uncomfortable sharing a bed with another man, so if we find 2 people comfortable sharing a bed he will take the floor.

I have the hotel from Thursday - Monday, but you can stay whatever days you want just like. Let me know which ones and I'll work out the price for you.

In my room, everyone is required to bring 2 food items. I create a list about a month to the convention ** any food allergies, please let me know!!! ** I normally bring my coffee pot so we dont have to use the hotels.

Everyone must shower at least once a day. Please and thank you <3

Please be respectful of everyone elses stuff. Don't use it if it's not yours, etc.

So far there are 2 cosplayers in the room. We have 2 large props which we hope to fit in the closet.

The total price of the hotel including tax and whatnot is $802, of course to be divided properly by who stays what days etc.

I am going to AUSA from NEW YORK. And I live about 2 hours from NYC. It can take me a VERY long time to get to the hotel. As of right now, I am unsure of what time I am leaving to get to AUSA. I normally try to leave at 9, but my fiance has work so we may not leave until he gets out. (which is around 5, which puts us at the hotel at 11pm) Either way, our arrival time will be THURSDAY EVENING. The day we leave, I normally send a text or FB message saying that we've left, and what our ETA is. If there are any delays, I text everyone a new ETA. Please don't pester me about when I'm going to be at the hotel, I promise I will keep in complete contact. Once I check into the room, I text everyone the room number.

I only get 4 keys. My fiance and I get 1, my friend gets 1, and the other 2 will be decided among the other room mates.

I do not mind visitors, but please tell them the rules, especially the straight edge ones. Also, PLEASE make sure all of your room mates are in a place to have visitors. AKA, no ones in the shower, everyones dressed, everyone is awake etc.


My name is Eli, I'm a 27 year old asexual androgynous person (biologically female, but I prefer the male pronoun) I like cats and parrots. Like a lot. I'm engaged to my fiance of 8 years. I have a complex PTSD disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder. I put this here for a reason. I am NOT dangerous!!!! BUT I CAN BE CAUGHT TALKING TO MYSELF. This is normal for me. I try to keep it under control the best I can at conventions, and I'm pretty good at it. But just in case you see me talking to myself... please don't be too alarmed ^^;

Greg is 27 years old. He likes star wars a lot.

Sean is 30, and is a really big gamer.

We're a pretty relaxed bunch. Very accepting, so LGBT+ is all accepted in our room. We're also fur suit friendly.

Please contact me here or on facebook if you're interested or have any questions. If you decide to stay with us, I will add you to our facebook group so you can keep track of stuff and well. socialize if you want. You don't need to add us as friends, just be a part of the group so I can update everyone easily.

EDIT: Also, we prefer 18+ unless you're accompanied by a family member/guardian.