Ace Ventura

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#1 Tiffins on 5 years ago

Ok so I was thinking of making a Ace Ventura cosplay. I was going to do the one in the second movie where he is the white devil. You know where he is fighting a tribe member in the brown pants. So I was thinking of making them and I have a question. How would you go about attaching the gems/jewels to the pants. Just figuring out if this cosplay is possible and what not.

#2 MalteseLizzie on 5 years ago

THis one?
You could use hot fix gems, glue them on (E6000 is good, but work in a ventilated area), or use sew on gems.
This costume should be possible to make. Good luck :)

#3 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

cool!!! ace ventura...
long time not hear about him

#4 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

hei, how about the little monkey, ace ventura doesn't complete without it