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#1 krazerkap on 4 years ago

Thought I would post this here for anyone that loves to cosplay from Digimon. I have seen a few and I actually have done one myself which is awesome.

I have cosplayed as Davis in a team-up with the gal I have been interested in, who has made a Raidramon quad-suit. As of this post, we have attended 2 cons this year with them, and we have yet to win any contests, but everyone thinks we should. Our last showing was at Wizard World Des Moines. We were the 7th entry in that cosplay contest. If you want to see it, it's on ConTV's website. Search for Des Moines, and it should be the one listed as Cosplay LIVE.

#2 CarmineStars on 3 years ago

Whee! Glad I found this thread before I started my own. I'm planning a Digimon cosplay myself. Possibly Renamon from Tamers, since I have a yellow bodysuit that could work for it. Your Davis and Raidramon cosplays are amazing!

#3 Blood_Sword on 3 years ago

Oh yes, Digimon!

I recently finished watching Adventure 02 (I had seen random episodes here and there as a kid, but never the whole anime) and I've been wondering if I should cosplay Ken Ichijouji in his school uniform-ish outfit, you know, the gray one. I want to make a Wormmon plushie to go with...

#4 griffstar on 3 years ago

I would love to see more Ken cosplays. Wormmon would be an added bonus! I've been working on a quad of pegasusmon. So far he's coming along nicely.

#5 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

My friend does Tai and Wargreymon. He did Tai for the last con (labor day weekend) and I told him I want to do Metalgreymon, and he said he's gonna fix up his Wargreymon so we both can do those.

#6 Quinn the Shiki on 3 years ago

My friends and I had a Frontier group for Otakon and we went to the photoshoot. I was Kouchi and spent literally the entire photoshoot dead on the floor.

#7 CarmineStars on 3 years ago

@Blood_Sword- Yes! Do eet! You'd look so cool as Ken.

As for me, I started my Renamon last night. Well, the purple arm-warmer things she wears, at least.

#8 griffstar on 3 years ago

@CarmineStars - Can't wait to see some progress photos. Renamon is one of my favorite Digimon!

@Jei-Cos - I would love to see pics of your friends cosplays. Also, please do Metalgreymon!

#9 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=griffstar;4996806]@CarmineStars - Can't wait to see some progress photos. Renamon is one of my favorite Digimon!

@Jei-Cos - I would love to see pics of your friends cosplays. Also, please do Metalgreymon![/QUOTE]

I have a video of him as Tai (actually he's in a lot of my con videos from the last con as Tai, but he's n the CMV).
THe CMV is here:
He's about 2 minutes in (at 2 min you'll see a chicken with dead Links (Zelda fun haha) and he's RIGHT after that. There are 2 Tai cosplayers, and he's the one on the right with the Digivice.

#10 CarmineStars on 3 years ago

@griffstar- I'll be able to get some pics up sometime next week. I went shopping for more Renamon items today. Hopefully, I can work more on the costume on my days off. I plan on starting on the head/ears next.

@Jei-Cos- He makes a cool Tai! Did he buy the Digivice or make it? I'm looking to get/make a D-Arc myself.

#11 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=CarmineStars;4996989]@Jei-Cos- He makes a cool Tai! Did he buy the Digivice or make it? I'm looking to get/make a D-Arc myself.[/QUOTE]

I'll let him know you think you. And neither actually. His friend made it for him (for free so he didn't pay anything, nor make it himself lol) His friend has a 3d Printer and printed it for him.

#12 Frozen Angel on 3 years ago

Hello all!

I'm happy to see an active Digimon thread and I also quite recently finished watching Adventure 02. However, I have a problem, I have namely two characters I want to cosplay and I can't decide on which one so I'd like to hear some opinions. I only want to do one of them.

The characters are Daisuke/Davis and the Digimon Kaiser.

Daisuke because I really fucking love Veemon (it's the only Digimon I love EVERY single evolution of) and Daisuke is a rather funny character and his design is not bad either. I'm not so much into this type of characters normally but Veemon is the main reason I'm considering him. Yes, I want a plushie life size Veemon to carry around x)

Digimon Kaiser is a real douche, period, but it's not like he would be the first douchebag I would be doing, haha lol. I flippin' love his design as it ticks many of my design preferences and his color scheme is spot on. I also consider him because I really like Ken's character development but I don't really like the kind Ken's design. Yupp, his change from evil to good made me shed a tear or two.

What do you guys think? Which character do you think would fit me better? Psst, I plan to do a pair cosplay with Blood_Sword if he does Ken.

By the way, I've done Yamato/Matt (Adventure version) a while ago and for those interested you can find the cosplay here: [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/costume/438850/"]http://www.cosplay.com/costume/438850/[/URL] :)

That's all for now, I come and check this thread every now and then ~

#13 griffstar on 3 years ago

@Jei-Cos - Thanks for sharing your video. Your friend did a great job as Tai. I'm so jealous he knows someone with a 3D printer. I would love one of those.

@CarmineStars - I feel like a kid who can't wait for Christmas! Looking forward to your pics.

@ Frozen Angel - First off, your Matt is amazing! Second, tough choice between Davis or Ken. It would be really interesting (especially for a photoshoot) to see both sides of Ken represented. Even having a Davis and Ken is always a plus. The design for Davis is really good; of course I'm a sucker for flame designs (Veemon is a plus). In the end, the choice is up to you, both are great choices.

#14 CarmineStars on 3 years ago

@Frozen_Angel- Ooh, tough one! Like griffstar said, both are great, and the photoshoots would be so awesome! But it's ultimately up to you. Personally though, I think if your budget allowed for it, you could totally do both. And, by the way, I think you capture Yamato quite nicely.

@griffstar- I can't wait to show you! I'm actually re-doing the arm-warmers I started on the other night. The fabric I found yesterday fits better.

#15 Zafie on 3 years ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing your Pegasusmon, griffstar. i've never seen one done before and from what I've seen from your WIPs I feel excited!

I'm planning on cosplaying as Joe in his outfit from Digimon Adventure Tri. and looking for some helpful tips from anyone who has done this before. Thanks :)

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