Sailor Moon Photoshoot/Gathering AM2017

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#1 Senshi_chan on 2 years ago

Anyone hosting or wanting to host a Sailor Moon Photoshoot at Anime Matsuri 2017?

With the actress of Sera Myu attending this year's con, it would be great to have a huge Sailor Moon gathering at the event. I know I will be in cosplay for the event!

I'll look around social media to see if there is a group setup for this. Post if you know anyone! Let's show them there are lots of Moonies around and hopefully they will travel across the country!

I am from NY and never been in Houston, but I am traveling to see them and fellow fans!

#2 PrincessSerenit on 2 years ago

I've never been to Houston before either! I have no idea how photoshoots work for Matsuri but we should definitely try to work something out!

#3 Ranma Saotome on 1 year ago

@Senshi_chan: I didn't know you were going! Who all are you going with?