Photographer wanted

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#1 BunnyRhea on 3 years ago

Guys I need help.

Like serious.


So.. I hadn't been looking for a photographer because I thought I would use the one I had last year, yeah? Well life gave me a huge spanking and I happened to miss the reservation slots.. I just-.. March was really hard for me, I lost my father.. and I just didn't keep up with facebook posts at all and I missed it..

I really.. really.. need help. :/ I used B. TSE photography, and HE IS AMAZING! I need to find someone of his caliber.. Money isn't a problem, I can pay extra for the last minute request.. I just can't find anyone's ads for services and the photographer list isn't working. :/ I'm really stressing here, any help would be loved and appreciated.

Edit: I've already made a post on the A-kon cosplay facebook, but I haven't gotten any hits.. @[email protected]; I also can't access it while working.