Ion Fortuna Cosplay, Help!

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#1 uruha-fan-girl on 3 years ago

Hi there,

Needing some help with this cosplay, this is my first cosplay that I'll be making and not buying, so pretty nervous, I plan on making Ion's 'Empire' outfit from the manga

Here are some reference pictures:


(bottom Left)


I have some idea on what to do and where to start, but at the same time feel completely at a loss. I've gathered a number of images and am drawing up potential designs.

I suppose my first question should be what material would be best suited for something like this?

Also, needing some pointers on places to look for wigs and contacts. (His eyes confuse me, they seem goldish yet red, then orange also. I'm searching around but nothings taken my interest as of yet..).

Thank you for any help~