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#1 xIkuna on 2 years ago

Hello! Looking for fabric recs for Red from Transistor

I've heard people use satin, but I was curious for other peoples ideas!

Maybe this fabric: [url]http://www.joann.com/sew-classic-silky-solid-silkessence/prd7633.html[/url]
Or: [url]http://www.michaels.com/yellow-satin/MD006913S.html?dwvar_MD006913S_size=1 Yard&dwvar_MD006913S_color=Yellow[/url]

Thanks everyone!

#2 lunaflora on 2 years ago

How about a thin suede? [URL="https://www.joann.com/sew-classics-microsuede/xprd757799.html"]https://www.joann.com/sew-classics-microsuede/xprd757799.html[/URL]

and for the top, alternate between strips of suede and satin.

#3 xIkuna on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=lunaflora;5066321]How about a thin suede? [URL="https://www.joann.com/sew-classics-microsuede/xprd757799.html"]https://www.joann.com/sew-classics-microsuede/xprd757799.html[/URL]

and for the top, alternate between strips of suede and satin.[/QUOTE]

Hmmm, no I don't think I like the texture of that- thanks though!

#4 Penlowe on 2 years ago

duponi or maybe even taffeta. That rich gold can be amazing in stiff textural fabrics.

#5 alltomorrows on 2 years ago

Dupioni would be amazing, [URL="https://www.silkbaron.com/"]Silk Baron[/URL] is a good source for that. Velvet might also be a good fit for the rich feel of the art.

#6 SailorDoom on 2 years ago

When I made Red, I was planning to make the full length skirt, so I ordered a ton of Casa satin in the color "Mineral" from Joann's for the yellow parts. I never ended up doing the full skirt, but this was cost effective and the color was pretty accurate. I'm not sure if they make that particular satin anymore, but I would suggest ordering some samples from wherever you're searching -- the color is really more of a mustard/sulfur yellow with warm undertones. I think dupioni would look great, and the biggest considerations are shine and color. Since making this costume, I have discovered JRB Silks, which has amazing selection and customer service (but not always the cheapest prices). I would check them out if you're on the hunt for silk. Also, for the "petals", you may want to consider underlining with a matching (but very lightweight!) fabric -- I used a very lightweight matching organza for that and it worked out pretty well.

For the brown stripes, I used a relatively heavy silk dupioni, which was lovely. If I were to ever re-do this costume, I would make the whole thing out of that dupioni. The coat was a mid-weight black wool, but I REALLY wish I had gone with some lighter weight suiting material since it is way too hot and bulky after it was fully lined -- since I spent a boatload of time on the coat, that's always been my biggest regret with this costume and I always think about re-making it. I used a subtly textured black fabric fabric with a teensy bit of stretch for the outer corset.

I made Red for PAX West 2016 and it was the most complicated and expensive costume I had made at that point (my first large prop too!). I'm not sure where you're at in the process, but if you need any advice or whatever, feel free to message me. If you're like me, there are SO many appealing parts of this costume. No matter your experience now, this will push your skills to a new level and you'll come out the other side with tons more confidence to take the NEXT project even further. I'm super excited for you! Good luck -- she's so fun to bring to life!!

Edited to add: I just checked out your Insta and is that the Weisman I see in the background?! I'm from Saint Paul originally, but living in WA state now, where I constantly get made fun of for my MN accent. Anyways... All the best to you sister!

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