Colored contacts with Prescription

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#1 kamoosekazi on 2 years ago

I'm not that blind (-2.50 both eyes), but having to keep track of my glasses, at all times, during a con gets rough.
I've worn contacts in the past, but I really want to spruce up some of my old cosplay with contacts, especially some of my OC stuff.

Anyone have any strong recommendations that won't charge me a chunk of a paycheck but also deliver fairly fast?


#2 Blood_Sword on 2 years ago

Not all lenses come with prescription but a lot does nowadays, so you shouldn't have too much trouble to find lenses in your prescription even on most big lens stores.

I can personally recommend [URL=""]LensVillage[/URL], good selection, customer service, authentic lenses and you get free overseas shipping if you buy for 40 dollars minimum. Shipping tends to take 2 weeks on average. Discount code SAMURAI15 gives you 15% off on pretty much anything too. ;) I've been buying from them for 5+ years and never had any issues; I know a person who got a defective lens and when she wrote about it they sent her a replacement lens with no additional costs.

If you have light blue eyes like me you might want to check out my list of lens reviews [URL=""]here[/URL] as I've done a lot and of many different colors. Good luck and feel free to ask me if you have any further questions or want lens suggestions for a specific character!