2017 Homestuck Panel

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#1 Daynosaurous on 2 years ago

So in 2017 I will be hosting homestuck panels. not so much of a Q&A but an interactive games panel with Q&A sections. There will be two; a day panel and a 18+ panel so all characters are technically open for two people to audition for.
Speaking of auditions, each character does require an audition. its nothing difficult, just introduce yourself as the character and answer some questions you would expect that character to be asked. After that you just have to introduce yourself normally and submit it.
If you have any questions you can email me here and auditions should also be sent here: [email][email protected][/email]

Hope you join!

For example: "Hey Dave, how was meeting the trolls on the meteor?" "Well it kinda sucked since, ya'know a bunch of them just died and Rose and I were separated from john and Jade, but it could have been worse. I made some cool friends, dropped some sick beats."

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