Cosplay Videos from Conventions in Moscow

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#1 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

Hello. Um. Can I put these here? There seems to be no specialized location otherwise..., back in June, there's been a convention near me called the Moscow Comic Convention [not the real Comic Con]. I'd decided to get a camera and start filming intersting people. Turned out that the most interesting people were the cosplayers (no surprise here), so I'd been filming them a lot. That was actually the first time I'd filmed anything.

Here's what I'd filmed at the MCC in a playlist: [URL='']here[/URL]

After that, I'd repeated the process at our actual Comic Con, and recently at the Game & Film Expo, and most recently at the Cospay Rush event (that one was just yesterday, I haven't put the videos together yet). I think I'd made... some... improvement?

The videos from the Comic Con: [URL='']here[/URL]

And the ones from the Game & Film Expo: [URL='']here[/URL]
There's several videos dedicated exclusively to the two extremely fun Post-Nuclear performer groups that had a part of the hall for themselves, as well as 8 for some extraordinary cosplayers. After finishing up the videos, I wish could make more of the last kind; I'll try to do this on the next con (already got a couple offers to make a dedicated video :D).

I'm making the Cosplay Rush videos today (or tomorrow if I'm lazy).

#2 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I'm finished processing my CosplayRush footage. I've put all the videos in the playlist [URL=""]here.[/URL]

I expect to have at least one more event before the end of the year, a MLP-themed fair. May be something of interest there.

#3 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

[url=]The fair[/url]. Unfortunately, I seem to not have the best of luck on MLP-themed conventions, so there isn't much.

The next CosplayRush is on Feb. 4th, and I'll try to do my best there.

#4 Milky Bubbles on 2 years ago

Aww, I wish you all the best luck with your videos, you've got great footage!
MLP cosplay was really big here for a while but it has really died down recently but I hope that it's picked up more near you for your sake! c:

Seeing the smiles in your fair video is fantastic, I'm sure you made their day by filming!
Keep it up!

#5 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I'll try!
And I've just found out that there's a convention called AniMatrix, tomorrow. Almost missed it... Well, I'll be there.

I've also decided that, well, I kinda should be taking photos, as well. I'll be putting them [URL=""]here[/URL]; I've taken some at the fair.

#6 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

So far, I've put together videos for the on-stage event; there's more footage to go through.
[URL=""]All the AniMatrix videos will be here.[/URL]

#7 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I've processed all my footage from the AniMatrix. Next stop will be CosplayRush V16 this Saturday.
PS: I now have a tripod.

#8 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I've put the photos from AniMatrix in my [URL=""]gallery[/URL].

#9 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I've filmed the entire event at Cosplay Rush (and took photos). Gonna work on it.

#10 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

Started to put the videos together.
Here's the first one of the contest, plus an individual video for the one performance that really stood out for me :D

[URL=""]Cosplay Rush V.16 Playlist[/URL]

#11 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

[URL=""]The contest videos are finished![/URL]

I'll put together some miscellaneous vids, and also sort through the photos to add to my DA gallery.

#12 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

The contest videos are finished!
I'll put together some miscellaneous vids (mostly just dancing), and also sort through the photos to add to the gallery.

#13 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

I've put together another set of videos from Cosplay Rush V16. It was held in a club; so, in the time when the actual contest wasn't on, there was dancing (by the contest participants and the club's hostesses).

[URL=""]Cosplay Rush V16 Dancing[/URL]

#14 Valik Surana on 2 years ago

Um... I've failed to notice one a copyright block due to the dancing music. I've dealt with it, everything should be viewable now.

#15 grell titan on 2 years ago

havent check out the footage ( will do ) but thats the great thing about what we do is that as long as youre respectfull people dont mind you filming ( ask permision first trough lol ) wish you ll the luck in the world mate