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#1 Purplegal on 3 years ago

I love five nights at Freddy's and I would love some tip for a puppet cosplay I am working on

#2 DOW234 on 3 years ago

there is going to be very difficult but it could be possible the skeleton should be metal or plastic base and then have a fleece lining as for eyes and other parts simple plastic or eva plastic

#3 KuruttaKanashii on 3 years ago

sockdreams.com is a great source for striped socks, tights, and arm warmers.
In future, do two things with this type of thread:
1) Include a picture of the character, even people who know FNAF might not have the Puppet's appearance memorized.
2) Specify what you want help with ("I want help with the mask, I don't know how to make the lines on the face symmetrical.")

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