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#1 N_H_Sakura5 on 2 years ago

The pair of us ( myself and xshadowmonkeyx ) will be back to host the Digimon Shoot at Anime North 2017! I will update the main post as we get more information available.

Visit our Facebook Page: [url]https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anime...32?sk=timeline[/url]
And on the TeaHouse forums: [url]http://teahousemaplemoon.proboards.com/thread/2591/2017-digimon-photoshoot[/url]

Day: Saturday
Time: 1 PM
Location: TCC1

Digimon Adventure / 02 / tri.




Xros Wars / Hunters


#2 Miliyah on 2 years ago

lol depends on my schedule

idk if i should even mention that anymore WHEEEEe

#3 Zafie on 2 years ago

I'll definitely be back to join you guys :D

#4 N_H_Sakura5 on 2 years ago

bumping for the new year

#5 Zafie on 2 years ago

Making a return as Joe Kido from Digimon Adventure Tri. See you all there! :D

#6 SaikyouKira on 2 years ago

80% confirmed for myself as Tri Takeru and Rita as Tri Hikari. 8)

#7 xshadowmonkeyx on 2 years ago

See you all there, Digidestined!

#8 N_H_Sakura5 on 2 years ago


New Thread ^ :)

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