Odd color(body paint)?

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#1 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Hey all!

So I've done a good amount of research, but I'm having trouble finding a color that looks like this: [url]http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwarsrebels/images/7/7a/Homecoming_Rebels_Concept_Art_03.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20160218013814[/url]

Her color is, as described by family because I know nothing of colors lol, aqua, but no one makes the color aqua haha. So basically, which brand will be the easiest to mix, but also wont kill my budget? I'm going to have to use the paint for my face, one hand, and her lekku (aka her tentacle things attached to her head) so I'm guessing I'll need a good amount. Also! Like I said, I'm soooo bad at color mixing. Painting class was terrible for me, I'm not sure if I should buy a white and mix it in, if the blue I get is too dark, or buy a lighter green? So help on that would be much appreciated too!

Also, I found this brand called Chameleon, and I really like the color. It says it's water activated, but I've heard literally nothing about the brand from cosplayers or anyone. [url]http://www.facepaintsuppliesperth.com.au/bl3010-teal-32g[/url]

I know I'm asking a lot, but thank you in advanced!

#2 nathancarter on 3 years ago

Here's a higher-res version of the tiny thumbnail you linked for Numa:
And more on Numa:

It looks like Mehron Paradise Teal will get you pretty close to the highlights.

However, you're also going to need to contour and blend with a darker color. Look at the color swatches in that concept art; her lekku have a color gradient that goes to a darker blue, and that color is also used as a shadow to contour her cheeks, under the jawline, and to shape the eye sockets and nose. You might be able to mix up some Mehron Blue with the Teal to get that contouring. For the lekku, you'll (hopefully) only have to paint them once, but for your face you'll need to do it up every time you wear the character.

Or, do the base color paint with the Mehron Paradise Teal, then contour your face with dark-teal pigmented powder instead of a second color of paint. In fact, that's probably what I would do. Powder-over-paint may not work well on the lekku, though.

Note that everyone's skin is different, so the products will go on a little different a look at little different on every face. This might be something that you'll need to take those reference swatches to an in-person makeup expert, and have them help you pick products that will work well with your skin.

Then, practice applying it at home when you don't have a time limit. Practice a couple of times until it looks great and you can do it quickly. Don't try to figure it out the day of the con.

Also, I'm planning to have Kanan Jarrus done by Star Wars Weekends in April, and my wife is working on Hera :)

#3 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Awesome, thank you so much for the tips! Extremely helpful. I've only done body paint one time and I was 16 and it was a mess haha, so I'm hoping that I can do it correctly now, and do Numa justice!

Ah, I wish I were going! It sounds like so much fun, maybe one year :) My con is Katsucon! If you guys were going that'd be awesome :D

EDIT: I did find this one: [url]http://www.facepaintsuppliesperth.com.au/bl3010-teal-32g[/url]
And I think that it's be really good for contouring! I hope.

#4 ebanks90 on 3 years ago

Hey! I think this might be the color you are looking for- [url]http://fxcosplay.com/collections/face-body-paint/products/ziva-blue-shimmer-fab-paint[/url]

This is a water- based paint just like Chameleon, but the color payoff and consistency is much better. Here is a great tutorial on how to cover your body with paint all over very easily and how to avoid blotchiness. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p98_WrOkUdc[/url]

I know you are trying to avoid mixing/ blending paints, but the great thing about water- based paints is that they can be blended or layered very easily :D check out fxcosplay.com for your makeup needs and let me know if you have any other questions!

#5 xIkuna on 3 years ago

Thanks! I'm not sure about the shimmer though, I don't want to shinny.

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