FairyTail Meet-Up 2018

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#1 Riddlers_lackey on 2 years ago

Alright guys so to avoid the problem we had last year with not being able to obtain the normal spot we get I went ahead and reserved cite three which has been moved to the stairs opposite where we usually are but it's still a pretty big area with lots of sunlight. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in costume on Day 2 at 1 pm
At AX 2017 I set up a game and gave away a Lucy Heartfilia pop figurine at the end of the meet up. Would you guys like me to do that again this year or maybe give away a plushie, manga or some other kind of treat?

Link to rhe Facebook page


#2 OoTLink on 2 years ago

Thanks for organizing this! :angel:

#3 OoTLink on 2 years ago


Unfortunately I can't post on the event page, so here are my pictures from the event.

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