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Our site is currently being changed over to the new version. Everything you see is currently in read-only mode. Additionally, the layout and UI will not be complete until all sections have been re-enabled, so please ignore any layout issues (or bland-ness) at this time.
#31 LittleHobbit13 on 1 year ago

Any update on the launch date?

Just curious in general, but also because I have some new stuff to upload and I know you said you already copied over that existing data. :)

#32 Admin on 1 year ago

You can go ahead and upload stuff if you want, I have something converting new photos, comments and costumes over to the new site in the background. :)

The only ETA I have is: 100% this month, it's pretty much finished and I'm just working on server stuff in the background and making some final tweaks. I still need to post a couple of screenshots, the site design change is drastic so I don't want it to be too shocking. The only major project I have left is getting real-time notifications working, then a few smallish, nitpicky projects like choosing correct icons or the right shade of dark blue. Unfortunately those end up taking up a lot more time than anticipated.

The only existing data that might not immediately port over are changes to your profile info, like if you change your city or country. But those are just small fixes and I'm going to have everyone do a quick profile review upon their first login anyway.

Also, I spent almost a week purging inactive accounts, so a lot of usernames will be opening up. "Inactive" is defined as people who signed up and never confirmed or logged in, as well as anyone with a once-active account but who never posted anything, and haven't been here in years. Figure around 1/4 of accounts were purged.

Around 8-10% of returning users will need to update their username, because we're moving to a username/display name format like a typical social media site. All current usernames will still be saved as the "display name" which can also be changed at will.

The issue is that usernames will become part of the profile URL, and so if a username has anything other than letters, numbers or underscores, it will need to be changed. I went through and reserved the closest match for anyone who falls under this change (e.g. if your username was 'Cosplay Person*2' then I reserved you Cosplay_Person_2 and you can either accept it or change it upon login).

Doing it this way, profiles will move to

and a costume will now have a URL like

Old URL's will automatically forward to the new ones, so there won't be any need to change inbound links.

So, sorry again for the lack of updates, but when you see me start posting screenshots this week you'll know we're in the final run-up to launch.

#33 Admin on 11 months ago

Tentative launch date is set at September 6.

I'm looking to do a quick beta this coming weekend. Nothing major just making sure things like uploading and UI flow are working properly. If anyone is interested in helping please PM me. It'd take up maybe an hour of your time and won't affect anything on your main account.

#34 Chiagirl on 10 months ago

[QUOTE=Admin;5068257]Tentative launch date is set at September 6.[/QUOTE]

It's almost 3 weeks past that.

#35 Admin on 10 months ago

Yeah, sorry about that. I posted in another thread that I got burnt out trying to hit the deadline and ended up taking about a week break. Unfortunately I also got sick for a few days as well lol

The issue with any timing is that the server billing period starts around the 8th of the month, so I'm trying to avoid paying for twice the servers for a full month. Doing it for a few days or a week isn't an issue.

In the meantime I've added a few extra features that weren't going to make the initial launch, and I'll have a new ETA update later this week. It's pretty much ready to go.