Armhole for sleeve is cut too big

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#1 sadievic on 1 year ago

Hello, I'm about to sew a sleeve onto the armhole however I cut it abit to big and now the armhole isn't the same size as the other armhole. Is there anyway to alter the armhole so it's the same size as the other armhole which is the correct size? Many thanks in advance

#2 lunaflora on 1 year ago

I am very confused what you're talking about.. Could you clarify? The armhole refers the the hole the arm goes through on a bodice. The sleeve cap is the part of the sleeve that gets sewn to the armhole. So which was cut bigger? The sleeve or the armhole?

If the sleeve is too big, you might be able to get away with easing the excess into the armhole. Depending on how tight it fits, you could also just take it in at the seams to make the sleeve cap seam smaller to fit the armhole.

However, if the armhole itself is too big, there's not much you can do except make the sleevecap larger to fit it. Chances are, with making the armhole accidentally bigger, you probably lowered the armhole as well. Which means either letting out the sleeve and lowering the bicep line to make the sleeve bigger, or cutting out a new bigger sleeve with the lower bicep line. In that case, you may as well cut out a new bodice instead with the correct armhole size...

#3 Penlowe on 1 year ago

Agree with Lunaflora, if your right and left don't match this is a bigger problem than the sleeve not fitting the hole. The fact that it's where a sleeve and bodice come together make it the hardest possible area to correct with added fabric. While possible, I really don't think it'll look good, nor will you be able to make that fix look like part of the design.

Option A: re-cut new sleeves for both sides, trim out the smaller armhole so both armholes match.

Option B: cut a new bodice, use the sleeves you already have.

In general cutting problems can only be fixed if you've got space to remove more fabric, i.e. cutting a skirt too wide is easily remedied. If you cut too small, or in this case cut away too much in a certain area, you're kinda screwed. Sometimes you can add back in a panel or a gusset, but it will always show, your best bet is trying to make it look like part of the design. In this case, not only would the panel added in show, but doing so on both sides to balance the visuals of the top would be as much or more work than just recutting the bodice.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

Yeah, nope. You can't fix that. You have to recut it.

If the sleeve doesn't fit the too-large one, then Penlowe's options are right - either you can recut the sleeves OR recut the body, depending on how much fabric you have left. If the sleeve fits, you may be able to just cut down the other armhole to match. But, if having the armhole too large is a problem for you in other ways (it will look baggy on you, it'll throw off the rest of the costume) then your only choice is to cut a new bodice.

But then, HOW did one armscye (the technical term for the arm hole) get bigger than the other? Did you not cut the body of the pattern on a fold so that you're cutting everything equally?

#5 sadievic on 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply guys! I somehow managed to make the armhole smaller by making the side also smaller. It looks much more like the opposite armhole now