Nayru Cosplay-Looking for advice

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#1 Yulrica on 2 years ago

So I started sewing the dress, tunic, armbands and belt with the help of friend. There's a lot of things I feel I would like advice with, considering it is my first I will give it a shot.

Tunic/dress-I'm wondering if I should do a gather for the dress, under the waist line, so it will give it more of a flowing look and that way the line will stay hidden. As for the tunic, I'm thinking the same thing, because again, it would be hidden under the belt.

Belt/necklace- I feel that the belt came out a bit odd than I would of hoped. I think maybe doing plastic tube (similar to fish tubing) might work for both necklace and belt and then painted with a gold paint? Or if any one has a better auggestion..

Hair- I bought a blue synthetic wig that I feel happy with. Just wanting to know, how do I go about styling it or what can I use on it?

Thanks for any help! Be kind to this noob :)

#2 lunaflora on 2 years ago

If you're willing to redo parts of it, I would make a seam at the waistline but cutting across the waistline( a little lower to account for seam allowance), and make a circle peplum.
The simplest way to do this is to measure the waistline of the tunic now, and draw a circle with a circumference that is the same as that measurement. Then, however long you want the longest side of the tunic to be, make a circle centered around that waist circle that is the waist circle's radius + the length of the longest side of the tunic. This is your tunic hem circle You should have what looks like a donut now. Add seam allowance to the inside of the waist circle and the outside of the tunic hem circle. This is your pattern for the peplum. Cut it out in the fabric, and sew the inner waist circle to the waist of the tunic. From there you can put it on so you can mark and cut the hem to have that high-low hem that she does.
I would do the same for the skirt as well. Cut across the skirt where you want the flare to start, and then using the same method as above, except using the measurement of the seam that you cut on the skirt as the inner circle, and the longest length of the skirt from that seam as the outer circle.
Doing it this way, you will have a horizontal seam around the waist and also in the skirt. This gives you an opportunity to take in and provide more shaping at the waist as well. However, there really is no other way to add flare that I would recommend since it is your first time. There are other methods if you want to tackle it as a challenge. You can insert gores into slashes that you cut into the skirt/tunic, you can scrap the entire thing and use a pattern with vertical princess seams that has the flare already built in, you can even use a stretch knit fabric to make the skirt.
However, if you are willing to give up the mermaid silhouette, you could certainly just do a gathered skirt or a circle skirt. It will be an A-line silhouette instead of a trumpet/mermaid.
I would make the armbands ruffles shorter, about 3/4 or half as short to keep in proportion with Nayru. It might also be better if you could make the gold band itself less wide, getting rid of one of the...sections I would call it.
It is difficult to tell with your arms in the way, however I think it would look much more flattering if the belt was higher, around the smallest part of your torso, so I would advise you to take it in to tighten it and keep it up around that area. You want it to highlight that part. You might maybe take a section off/make the belt thinner by a bit as well, but it looks fine the width that it is.

All in all, I'd say you're doing very well! Especially since it is your first time. My suggestions might be a bit more time/money/effort to do, so if it's not very possible to do right now, I'd say its perfectly fine as it is.

#3 Penlowe on 2 years ago

I think you had good help :) thank them again.
I agree with Lunaflora, you could make changes, but you don't have to. That in itself is a significant achievement!

I don't know the character, but as Lunaflora pointed out, different clothing silhouettes are achieved with different kinds of cuts and gathers. A simple gathered skirt, rectangular fabric gathered to a waist, has a round shape to it and it emphasizes the hips. If this is not the look you desire, a different cut must be used.