Wireless / Infrared Remotes ?

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#1 StarsOfCassiopeia on 3 years ago

Hi all!

Looking into getting a remote to trigger the camera shutter (Canon EOS T4i camera), preferably infrared or wireless. I've also got an off-camera Yongnuo 560 IV flash, so if there's any sort remote that'll also sync up with that too, it'd be absolutely amazing. (If it only does shutter though, that's totally fine. :) )

Any recommendations? Thanks!

#2 fam-cosplayphotographer on 3 years ago

this is what you need to make your life wonderful


#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 3 years ago

So that piece you linked will let me fire multiple flashes off-camera when I press the shutter-- neat!

Can I use that as a remote to fire the shutter from a distance though? (I'm thinking no? These are probably two different pieces of tech I'm trying to lump together ahaha)

#4 fam-cosplayphotographer on 3 years ago

if you want multiple flashes you just buy more of the receivers (not the master controller), they are cheap. They work from up to 300 ft away. You basically assign them different groups and you can control them from the top of the master including power\zoom, even ttl if you dont want to do manual. It does it all.

#5 Av4rice on 3 years ago

I'd recommend a Yongnuo YN560-TX. That transmits over the RF-602/603 system, which your flash already has a built-in compatible receiver for. So you'd just need that one transmitter unit for the camera and nothing additional for the flash. And it can also additionally remotely adjust the power output for 560 IV flashes like yours, and 560 III flashes.

To also use it for remote shutter release you'd also have to use an RF-603 transceiver unit, which comes with a cable that goes into the camera's terminal.

The YN622 system mentioned by the other poster does [i]not[/i] use the same radio system built into your flash, requiring you to get both a unit for the camera and a separate one for the flash. And, though it can support TTL, your flash doesn't have TTL to begin with. A radio system supporting TTL won't add TTL capability to your flash. So that's more functionality you're paying for but not using. I don't think the YN622 system can take advantage of your flash's remote output adjustment feature either.

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