Straightening Arda Wigs Magnum Classic

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#1 Rhujaa on 2 years ago

Hi there! I have been poking around wigs I could use for a particular cosplay, and the best color match is on Arda Wigs (I love them anyway!). The closest wig style I can find is the Magnum, but only if I can straighten the layers... has anyone tried to do this, that could share a reference picture?

Thanks so much!

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

Do you have a character reference on what youre trying to do, incase someone has a better suggestion?

Here's the closest to "straight" i've seen the Magnum (unless you mean magnum long?)

#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

I own two Magnums, and from my experience, the layers are already straight out of the bag. The reason the layers are crazy is because of the crimped edges for easy spiking or for a tousled/feathered look, but in your case I think either just comb your wig so you get this look: [url][/url], or straighten it to tame the layers, then comb it (once it's cooled). I do have a pic of my Magnum in Mint Green in my gallery, but it doesn't look straight because I was trying to give it a wavy look for the character I was doing. I found it challenging to curl the layers, instead of straightening them, so you'll be fine.