CHEZPHOTO Booking Cosplay Photoshoots 2016

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#1 ChezPhoto on 3 years ago

Hi everyone, currently I am in NC. I'd love to make it back up to Boston to surprise my friend for her birthday. Therefore, I'm taking a formal headcount on how many people would be interested in booking with me at Anime Boston to help with funds. Right now there is not an official post up, but you can see verbatim what the booking page will look like through my Katsucon page right now on my website [URL=""]here[/URL]. The only thing that will differ is price.

Katsucon is a pricier convention for me, so I charge more.

At Anime Boston, my rates will be:
Thursday pre-con $50 half hour, $80 full.
Rest of the weekend $70 half, $100 full.

All shoots included 3-6 edits.

If interested please email me at [email][email protected][/email].