Rei Hino

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#1 calssara on 3 years ago

i am work on Rei Hino from sailor moon any one have any tip it wood be Help me

#2 Royalbakaness on 3 years ago

What sort of tips are you looking for? Are you making her school uniform? Manga, 90's anime, or Crystal? Do you need suggestions for patterns? Wig? Props?
I just finished my own Rei cosplay back in March, so I can attempt to help.

#3 calssara on 3 years ago

I am work on her school uniform from sailor moon crystal . I need help with her wig and her shoes that what need help with ?

#4 Royalbakaness on 3 years ago

For her wig, I highly recommend Arda's Silky Venus wig in Blackberry: [url][/url]

Not only is the color perfect for Rei, it's made of a certain material that doesn't tangle as easily as other wigs. You can't do much for styling with Silky wigs, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem since Rei's hairstyle is pretty basic. I wore this all day at a con, and it didn't tangle nearly as badly as other long wigs I own.

For shoes, I bought these: [url][/url]

They are very comfortable, although I recommend buying them a size larger than you usually wear. One downside is that they scuff pretty easily, and if you don't keep up to removing the marks, they'll do permanent damage.

Hope your cosplay works out well. Rei is such a fun character. I had so much fun cosplaying her.