My First Con!

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#1 Indiana Jolly on 2 years ago

As an anniversary gift, my wife got tickets for us and my 9 year old son to go to our very first convention; DENVER COMICON! I don't see a thread for it here, so I'm not sure how popular it is amongst cosplayers that regularly participate on this site. I've seen tons of video footage and read plenty of reviews. (Looks to be spectacular from previous years.)
Seeing as how it's my first con ever, I'm probably going to play it safe and not dress up. Just so I can take it all in and get comfortable with how it all works and what to expect. With that being said,...HOW DOES IT ALL WORK AND WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?
Every con is different, but I'm sure there are some pretty generic rules and protocols that I should be aware of that are standard for any con.
-And anybody from here going to attend other than me?


#2 Indiana Jolly on 2 years ago

Obviously not a popular convention.
-but the list of guests at Denver Comic con looks to be impressive!
Lou Ferrigno (Hulk) Stanley Tucci (Captain America, Hunger Games, etc.) James & Oliver Phelps (Also known as Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter) heck even Weird AL Yankovic is going to be there!
I'm actually excited enough I'm putting together a comic con playlist on Spotify!

#3 Indiana Jolly on 2 years ago

That was awesome. Only experienced maybe a 1/3 of what they had to offer, but what I saw and did was amazing. So many vendors, so many costumes, so many GREAT IDEAS! And my son handled everything like a 'pro'. He was the only one of us in costume (Ash Ketchum from Poke'mon) but it was a very simple costume/look that he wouldn't be uncomfortable in and everybody knew who he was. -which of course, he loved. He's on the autism spectrum, so we were always concerned about long lines, loud noises, or just being overwhelmed in general. He was amazing! Totally entertained, engaged, and perfectly behaved. So proud of him and his mature/flexible attitude. Long day, LOTS of walking, (I'll be prepared for that next time) but so fun! I can easily see why it's so well attended. Would have liked to see more, but for our very first con? I think we saw just enough to want to come back again, & again. -and NEXT TIME...maybe in a cosplay that I can pull off. Don't want to go overboard and not be able to walk around and/or not be able to enjoy the rest of the convention, but something in my skill range that stands out without being too complex.
And I already have a few things in mind! ;)