MegoCon 2017 Online Photos

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#1 jrosson on 2 years ago

Here are some of my photos I took Friday - Sunday. If you wish a higher resolution copy of a picture you are in, let me know. Thanks to all who dressed up and made this an enjoyable con.


#2 jackoshadow on 2 years ago

I'd love high res ones of me as Cap and my eldest as Raven. Thanks for taking such great photos of everyone that turned out cosplaying!

#3 jrosson on 2 years ago

Not sure what happened to the URL, but it should be :


Then chose the MegaCon_2017 library.

I am not familiar with all of the characters, so please give the file names of the images you want. One way to identify the file name is to right click on the photo and select Copy Linked Element. Then in your message to me Paste in the copied element, which will contain the original file name. It will look something like this:

[url][/url]. The file name I need is the 7501889 for this example (you don't need to edit the linked element down to the file name however).

Or, give me the page number in the library, then the row and column number.

For example, on page 5, Row 4, Column 1 is a picture of Groot. Give that info for your picture, or paste in the linked element (which would yield the file name of 7502080).

Any other info to better identify your photo would be helpful if you don't know how to do the above.

These are huge files (over 15 MB, and even more for the RAW images) so I will resize/edit them to be on the order of 5 MB each so I can email them out. You have my permission to use them for personal, non-profit purposes, but please give me credit if you post them online for pubic viewing. For the pro cosplayers who need higher resolution, contact me.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!