Hosting Sheraton Wed-Sun

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#1 macduff on 2 years ago


Hello all,
I'm Luis and I am opening my room to those who need crash space.
I have 6 people, so far and need two more
This will be for Wednesday check in to Sunday check out at the Sheraton.

I am looking for those 18+ (21+ preferred).
There will be snacks and drinks (both soft and alcoholic).
This isn't a party room, so no one is going overboard
Obviously respect everybody's property.

I'm hosting a max of 8 people. Bed space is shared so keep that in mind.
Prices will be around $120-140 depending on bed or floor spot, but that can be discussed privately
I have been hosting rooms at a-kon since 2010.
I am probably forgetting some stuff but send your inquiries to my PM or email at [email][email protected][/email]
or on facebook /ErogeWBush