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#1 Ai no Kami on 2 years ago

I am trying to make a Diablo cosplay but not sure which one to make. :confused:

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

monk, hunter, and tyrael (angel mask) are probably more popular
could go barbarian, or witchdoctor, but if you go WD, dont "black face" it
...if your not "black" it dosent mean you cant do WD
i think people might have an uneasyness about making WD's for this reason

wizard would probably get lost amongst any other cosplay of the archetype
(nothing really separates diablo's wiz, from any other spellcaster

been a few years since ive played (the lycan guy was last "new char" last i played)
so im unsure of any other diablo chars from HotS
...except uriel?

#3 Syon on 2 years ago

And how should we know? :)
This not only depends a lot on your personal taste (as every hero offers a wide range of different skins), but also on your skill level. For examle: Li Mings usual skins require some decent sewing skills, but she also has a volleyball skin, that could even be done as a closet cosplay.

@Dictamnus Albus Heroes of the Storm is no different to other MOBAs. It does not feature "generic diablo wizard", but has every class represented by a specific character with quite distinctive skins. So nope, Li Ming (for example) would not get lost between other magical characters from other games. Also you are probably thinking about Auriel.

Currently available Diablo heroes:

- Li Ming (Wizard)
- Valla (Demonhunter)
- Cassia (Amazon)
- Auriel
- Xul (Necromancer)
- Kharazim (Monk)
- Leoric
- The Butcher
- Johanna (Crusader)
- Azmodan
- Nazeebo (Witchdoctor)
- Sonya (Barbarian)
- Tyrael
.... and of course Diablo himself.

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