Some questions about alcohol-based face paint

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#1 NostalgiaShmltz on 3 years ago

So I just got some Dips face paint, and the stuff seems to work just as advertised, being heavily water-resistant. Even running warm water over it and trying to scrub it off, it barely budged!

I do have some questions about it, though. All of the video guides say that this stuff is supposed to be used for linework and details, but I'm planning on coating my whole face with it, just a single layer of solid color, and then adding a few lines in another color. Would that be okay?

Also, they say to use liquid soap to remove it, but the liquid soap I have does not have alcohol in it, so it doesn't remove the paint. Is it okay to just use rubbing alcohol to remove it? That's what I ended up doing when I tested it out, I just poured a bit of rubbing alcohol over the painted area and then scrubbed it off, it came off perfectly fine.

Also also, do I *have* to use alcohol when applying it? When I tried it out, I didn't use any alcohol, I just squirted a little bit into the plastic cup, ran my paintbrush through it, and painted it on like normal. I only ask because so many video guides mentioned "using alcohol to thin it out", and I don't really know if I *need* to do that, or not.

I do know that if it dries out, you use alcohol to re-activate it, but outside of that, do I need to use alcohol, or...?

#2 skippingrecord on 3 years ago

I really strongly suggest not using alcohol activated paint for your whole face, due to, y'know, it needing to be activated by 99% alcohol and taken off with alcohol, too. That's kind of a no-no zone with your eyes (and your nose, mouth). What you can do instead is buy another type of paint, water activated or cream or grease paint, and then use the alcohol paint as the detailing work.

Since rubbing alcohol generally isn't made for taking off this paint, I wouldn't do it? But if it seems to work for you (and has no harmful effects) then go right ahead. Just steer clear of your eyes and like, rewash with cold water and moisturize or something.

And, yes. You should definitely use 99% alcohol when applying it, as that's the way to get the best use out of the paint (hence the name, alcohol-activated).

Hope this helps!

#3 NostalgiaShmltz on 3 years ago

You don't need 99%. You can use 91%. Heck, I've seen youtube guides saying that they couldn't even find 99%.

And the person I contacted at ProAiir (makers of Dips) said that you do not need to use alcohol when applying it, only when removing it.

I've switched up my plan a bit; I'm not going to use this stuff on my whole face, just my forehead, since that's where the sweat will be coming from. The rest of my face (eyebrows and below), I'll just use water based. That way, if I start to feel some sweat, I can safely wipe it off, because my forehead will have alcohol-based paint.

#4 Sweet Loretta on 3 years ago

Now I am late to this post but it is summer and folks are looking for good options in the heat - so to add for others reading-

We sell a lot of DIPS/ProAiir and work closely with the manufacturer Showoff's Body Art. First off DIPS is not a true alcohol-based makeup. It is a hybrid which is why you can remove it with liquid soap then soap and water. If you use it as a full base it will crack. Note there is always exceptions to every rule. But really there are better products. In fact the ProAiir alone (applied with a blending brush or face paint sponge) as a base would be a better option.

I like to dry out the DIPS combined with a bit of the ProAiir to reactivate with 99% (rubbing) Alcohol. We always have 99% in stock. This combo makes for such a nicer formula when rehydrating the makeup than just dried out DIPS alone. You can make a little palette or wheel with a dropper bottle of 99% for quick touch ups during a long day of cosplay.

Personally for myself the liquid soap does not remove DIPS fro my skin. ProAiir loves me it has such staying power. I use alcohol or myisrate alcohol (an oily alcohol) or a the owner of Showoff's noted alcohol combined with olive oil.

As for not using actual Alcohol - Activated makeup on the face well that is a choice. Like any facial makeup application doing your homework is very important. Actors, cosplayers and professional makeup artists use this type of makeup on the face successfully without creating harm to the face. There are barrier products you can use before strong makeup and prosthetic applications and safe removal products. I am not going to list them here but the can be easily found.