Quick binding help for big chest!

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#1 ObitoTheHero on 2 years ago

Hello! So i know this is a stupid question but I was a dumbass and forgot to buy some binding for a cross play.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to bind DDD's for a con i'm leaving for tomorrow?

#2 LemonFairy on 2 years ago

People will say "don't do it it's dangerous" but honestly running out to grab some ace bandages and pairing them with a tight sports bra is probably your best bet.

#3 TeaForThought on 2 years ago

Absolutely do not use Ace bandages, even in conjunction with a sports bra. If you absolutely have to use something on short notice, a sports bra will be your best bet.

Ace bandages are made to compress and will only tighten the longer they are worn. You can cause permanant damage to your body, which can start out as minor issues breathing to the more severe point of breaking your ribs.

No costume or convention is worth a trip to the ER.

Just a quick note on binding, you should always bind for your body type.
No one is ever completely flat.
When buying binders, please avoid Amazon and eBay binders as they are not made with the correct material; you will end up with something that is not made to allow you to breathe properly.
Invest in something that is made to help you safely bind like GC2b or Underworks. Don't wear a binder longer than eight hours if you can help it. And as always, if you start experiencing any pain or trouble breathing, take it off.

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