Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler skit

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#1 TheBananaEarl on 3 years ago

Hi, I'm hoping that I can find someone to cosplay as Sebastian and Claude or Alois in my skit for Animaritime. I know it's early to ask this, but I want to make sure that we have enough practice time and to record audio and such. If you're interested, then please don't hesitate to ask to join. My only concern is that I'll only do it with someone from ages 13-22, I'm only 13 so I don't feel comfortable doing it with some one older than me, I hope you understand.(If you do go pass the age limit, maybe we could talk it out or something to see what we could do)

Concerning the actual skit, it is a kind of comedy skit, but also a bit of seriousness mixed in. Your thoughts and feedback to the sketch will be appreciated. I'm still kind of in the works for script, but it's coming along pretty good I think. By the way, I'll be cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive.
I appreciate you taking time to read this long message. Thank you.:)

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