Cosplayers for the Las Vegas Conventions!!

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#1 YunikoMashimaru on 5 years ago

Hello there! c: I am always looking to do couple/group cosplays with people. It's just a matter of finding someone who will want to do them with me. c: Lol. I have QUITE a lot of ideas and or am always willing to do cosplays with others for fun! So if anyone is coming out here to AnimeGaCon, Anime Vegas, Otakon 2015, any of those lets talk. I am ALWAYS looking for more and new friends!!!

#2 Smiter19 on 5 years ago

This sounds awesome. Not sure if my current costume would be accepted there though haha thinking Resident Evil: Umbrella SS

#3 YunikoMashimaru on 5 years ago

Hey, all cosplayers open! c: It's about having fun right??

#4 Mr.Irish on 5 years ago

I'm in a Las Vegas Cosplay group on Facebook. And I might go to Sabakon in April..

#5 straightjacket on 5 years ago

I'm in Vegas! I haven't ever been to an anime convention, but I love doing gaming and comic cosplays!

#6 Senpai-Nya on 5 years ago

I'm so glad someone made this thread, I'm a Vegas cosplayer myself and I've been looking for other cosplayers.


By any chance will you be attending the upcoming convention—Sabakon 2014? I'd really like to meet some new cosplay friends.

#7 rimasarugaki on 5 years ago

Fellow Vegas cosplayer here! I'm definitely going to Anime Vegas 2014 and Otakon Vegas 2015. :)

I'm thinking about Sabakon right now, but it's not definite.

#8 Sammie on 5 years ago

Vegas cosplayer checking in. AnimeGaCon was a blast last year. I'm thinking about going to Sabakon for the Cosplay chess. That has me all excited.

#9 Sammie on 4 years ago

Guess I was too busy to attend Sabakon this year. Which cons is everyone else getting ready for now?

#10 Jossalyn_blade on 4 years ago

I think that sounds great. I live here in Vegas so I think it would be cool to meet people and cosplay.

#11 DragonianDeity on 4 years ago

Still enjoy cosplaying and always looking for people to talk with and bounce ideas off of. Maybe help design or work on parts of costumes as well. Not sure if I'll be going to any cons in Vegas this year, but for sure next year.

#12 Sammie on 8 months ago

Anyone planning on going to Sabakon in November or lvlup expo in the spring?

#13 kellybai on 7 months ago

I just got the message sent by some cosplay friend on facebook about the Las Vegas Conventions in July, 2019. It must be a great cosplay feast.