he Annual Semi-Formal Ball 2014 Hosted by the TexPlex Cosplay Coalition!

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#1 Tamlin on 5 years ago

Put on your ball gown and dancing shoes and join the TMCC for the 2014 annual Semi-Formal Ball! This is not a glowstick dance, but a chance to have some well-mannered frivolity. Please see the dress code as it will be enforced, but have fun with your look for a night to remember. A selection of ballroom-appropriate music from anime and video games will be played. Hope to see you there!

TexPlex is happy to host again the Semi-Formal Ball! Here are the dress code rules. Masks are NOT required! We have not been given a date and time yet but traditionally it has been held on Sat night.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!

ANIMEFEST Semi-Formal Ball 2014 ~ Dress Code Rules

Regardless of if you are cosplaying or not, your outfit must meet these rules.

~ No jeans, t-shirts, or casual clothing. Semi-formal (nice blouse/button-up dress shirt and khakis/dress pants) is the least casual attire allowed. Short-sleeved button-up shirts are allowed, but polo shirts are too casual. Think "Sunday Best" clothing, something you would wear to a wedding or a job interview. Have fun with your outfit for the dance! This is your chance to go all out with a dressy costume.

~ Costumes and outfits must be in good repair and of fair quality. Nothing cheaply made like a suit from a Halloween store. All shoes need to be clean. No Converse, canvas shoes, tennis shoes, flip flop sandals, or bare feet.

~ No denim. Period.

~ Clothing should be clean and well-presented.

~ Battle armor (Stormtrooper, Master Chief) is not appropriate, but ceremonial armor (Twilight Princess Zelda) is fine.

~ Cosplay is allowed (and encouraged!), but you may wish to design an original outfit or modify a character's clothing to fit the dress code if their regular outfit isn't appropriate. For example, Sephiroth in a tuxedo rather than his regular outfit. However, cosplay is not required.

~ Serious crossplay is perfectly fine.

~ Glowsticks, LED accessories, or rave apparel is not allowed. This extends to cyberpunk as well.

~ Please do not wear large costumes like mascot suits, large wings, or mechas. They will be a hazard to you and others on the dance floor! Please leave your props in your room as they will likely get in your way. This extends to large costumes PIECES; leave the giant wings in the hotel room! Props are not allowed, but some formal-style canes (think Tuxedo Mask or formal!Loki) are allowed.

~ Masks are not required. Full facial coverings will be taken on a case by case basis.

~ The door staff has the final say on the acceptability of attire.

~ Personal hygiene is a must! We will all be crammed into a ballroom in close quarters with dance partners for many hours. Coming clean and without con funk is part of the dress code!

~ Formal Highland attire is welcome, but it must be tartans. No utility-style kilts allowed!

~ Renaissance dresses and attire are welcome, as long as they are formal and you do not run the risk of being exposed.


~ Nothing shorter than knee-length. This includes shorts and skirts. They must be knee length and cannot be made of see through material. The hem of the shortest part of your skirt MUST TOUCH YOUR KNEE. **PLEASE NOTE: High slits in dresses are fine as long as the hem of the dress meets the knee-length requirement. HOWEVER, you should not be exposing any undergarments, or you will be asked to leave.

~ No bare midriffs. However, bare shoulders are fine, as are fancy backless dresses.

~ Pants are acceptable (you don't have to wear a dress), but they must be dressy.


~ No bare chests. You must wear a shirt.

~ No shorts as they are not considered dressy. Dandy/EGL knee-length dress pants are allowed.

Suggestions for acceptable attire:

~ EGL/Aristocrat/Dandy fashion (skirts must be knee-length or longer)
~ Suits
~ Military dress uniforms
~ Ball gowns and princess dresses
~ Historical costume (Civil War, Medieval, Victorian, etc) as long as it fits the dress code
~ Formal Steampunk

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