Power Ranger Celebration

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#1 animevortex on 5 years ago

Everyone probably knows that our Power Ranger Celebration is happening at Unplugged Expo! So I thought I'd start this Thread for Guest announcements and events happening over the weekend!

Guest Announcement
Pretty obvious by now our 1st Power Ranger Guest of Honour is Johnny Yong Bosch AKA Adam Park - The 2nd Black Ranger, Green Zeo Ranger, and Green Turbo Ranger!

Check out Johnny's Special Video Message to his fans at Unplugged Expo:

#2 animevortex on 5 years ago

Guest update! Unplugged Expo welcomes Kevin Duhaney to A Weekend of Awesome! Best known for his roll as the ‪#‎BlueRanger‬ from Power Rangers Dino Thunder! Kevin Joins Johnny Yong Bosch for our Power Ranger Celebration! Meet Kevin at Unplugged Expo Sept. 27 - 28th at the Chestnut Conference Centre Downtown Toronto!


Check out the video below:

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