Sailor Moon skirt help

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#1 starienite on 5 years ago

My daughter and the daughter of my friend both want to be Sailor Moon for Halloween. I am leaning towards a super simple a la carte idea. White leotards and then making a skirt to pull up. I have seen a few tutorials online, but I think I may be over thinking it.

Any tips on this for kids? I don't want a super deep v at the top of the skirt.

#2 Prissi on 5 years ago

Make the skirt attach to a hip roll, then velcro it onto the leotard maybe?

#3 MissMina2 on 5 years ago

I do mine with the skirt attached to the hiproll and the hiproll snaps onto the leotard in 4 spots.

#4 mysticalchali on 5 years ago


My leotard and skirt are separate. My hiproll is attached to the leotard (It's more like a top because the bottoms are not attached, lol, I usually wear Spankies the cheer underpants or white booty shorts). So I pull on the leotard like a shirt, and then pull up the skirt normally. My skirt does NOT have the deep V, it has a small, regular skirt waistband on it, but I still get the deep V look from the leotard portion of the costume. I made my costume like this because I wanted to have interchangeable parts so I could cosplay different versions of Sailor Moon (especially the manga) and also to make things easier to wash.