First time Cosplayer Needing Input

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#1 WolverinesMama on 5 years ago

First of, just made this account so not sure if this is the right spot. If not I apologize. Back to my question, I am finally going to a comic con, huge Marvel fan. I been wanting to dress up, well forever...but every character I see is so tiny. I am a size 14 and wish wear something that is sexy, though doesn't make me look nor feel like a whale. Anyone have any suggestions...anything would be greatly appreciated:confused:

#2 twiggyr on 5 years ago

Pick a character who you like and who has an outfit you are comfortable with. I am working on a Captain Marvel cosplay right now because I feel comfortable with the outfit and I love the character. If anything go through the Marvel universe wiki and see if you find one you like. I have also started looking at a Destiny costume (see thread no one responds to). Here is a link to the wiki and you can find something and if you like a character that exposes more flesh than you are comfortable with just google the cosplay I have seen costumes that cover more around. Here is the Marvel wiki link :

#3 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

Remember, majority of comic artists are male and draw proportionally impossible women in skintight outfits for their objectification gaze. Even skinny girls can't really look like comic book heroines unless they get boob jobs.

The key is to modify costumes to suit you, choose characters whose costumes you feel comfortable wearing, wear the right foundation garments (spanx and compression gear), and ROCK IT to sell it. You have to rock what you're wearing, and then it won't matter what size you are. If you're happy and confident in your costume, no one can say anything to get you down.

This chick is a black Black Widow, and look how she's rocking her outfit. She looks glam and gorgeous, even though she looks "nothing" like the comic art.

Look at this adorable Ms Marvel and her Supergirl friend. She is the epitome of petite plus, and she looks good in spandex.

The thing is, comics are drawings and not real people. Characters can be reimagined and reinterpreted in infinite ways.