NYCC 2013: Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

This thread is for making requests for photos of yourself in costume at NYCC 2013! Please try to be as specific as possible when you post a request (what you wore, when you wore it, maybe something unique about your costume) to ensure the best chance of finding photos.

If you wish to post photos that you yourself took at this convention, please refer to the following link:


Thank you and happy photo finding! :)

#2 xh4llucin4tedx on 5 years ago

Does anyone have a photo of me as Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho? I was too busy taking photos of other people and forgot to take one of myself. I don't think there were many Yu Yu Hakusho cosplayers out there so if you've seen a Hiei then there's a good chance it was me so let me know! :)

#3 Torra-chan on 5 years ago

Wondering if anyone got any pictures of me, I was one of the Jack Frosts on Saturday =)

#4 Rewrite on 5 years ago

Hi everyone!
On Friday and Saturday I was Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan ([URL=""]x[/URL])
On Sunday I was a Tentacruel!gijinka from Pokemon ([URL=""]x[/URL])

Any photos would be lovely, thanks!

#5 NJReaper on 5 years ago

I was an XCOM squaddie from XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Saturday.

Also, here are some of the photos I took on Saturday. Let me know if you're in any of them:

#6 Callalady on 5 years ago

Hi! My sister and I were Raven and Red Raven from Teen Titans on Friday and Saturday with obnoxious glowing eyes lol. And i went solo on Sunday. If anyone has pics, id love see them!

#7 Granosx on 5 years ago

I was Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia friday, Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 Saturday, and Luffy for Sunday.

If anyone has pictures that would be great.

#8 secretxagent on 5 years ago

I was Taki from Soul Calibur 4 on Friday. If anyone has a picture of me it would be greatly appreciated.

#9 Tayles on 5 years ago

Tals with accompanying Sonic Sally and Shadow.

#10 wallflora on 5 years ago

I was Vriska Serket in a seifuku on Saturday ([URL=""]x[/URL]) and Princess Bubblegum on Sunday ([URL=""]x[/URL])! Please let me know if you got any pictures of me. <3

#11 djlemma on 5 years ago

I know tons of people got photos of me, but I can't get enough. I was Prince Robot IV Fri, Sat, and Sun.

#12 IchiakiI on 5 years ago

Hello everyone! I was Panty on Saturday and i was accompanied by a Rise from Persona! If anyone has any pictures of us, it would be much appreciated! :3

#13 jkred on 5 years ago

Anyone took photos of my cardboard colossal titan face from Attack on Titan?

#14 kpop_minaj on 5 years ago

Anyone take pictures of a Flame Princess and LSP. I was wearing a purple tutu like dress with sparkles at the top, a lavender wig, a star hair clip on the top of my head and I was painted purple head to toe. The flame princess was the first traditional flame princess, painted yellow, and wearing a long dress that touched the floor. Our group also had Marceline, Marshall Lee, and Gunter although she didn't appear in many pictures.

#15 NJReaper on 5 years ago

I was an XCOM squaddie on Saturday